The Best Sports Betting Sites in Australia

Whether you are a sports fan or not, there is a lot of money to be made betting on the games you love. There are many types of sports to choose from, including boxing, horse racing, and even eSports. There are even offshore sportsbooks where you can place your bets on the games you are interested in without having to worry about the rules and regulations in your country.

A-League betting

Whether you want to bet on the season’s premiership or a wooden spooner, there are plenty of A-League betting markets to pick from. Betting on the competition is popular all year round, and is even more popular in the lead up to the season’s Grand Final.

A-League betting is based on several key factors, including the home or away team, injuries, the conditions, and the team’s recent history. Betting on the season’s top goal-scorers is also popular, as they are typically standout players throughout the season.


Despite the fact that there are many different sports that are incredibly popular in Australia, boxing remains one of the most popular. Its raw power and technical skill draws fans from all over the world, and boxing sports betting is a way to get in on the action.

One of the most exciting things about boxing is the fact that you can bet on any and every match. If you’re interested in betting on boxing, there are several websites that will help you to do so.

Horse racing

During the last decade, horse racing sports betting in Australia has continued to grow. The betting industry in Australia is worth over fourteen billion dollars a year.

Racing in Australia has evolved into an industry with over two hundred and fifty thousand employees. The industry is governed by the Australian Racing Board, which ensures compliance with regulations.

There are many different betting types. Depending on the sport, you can place bets through the telephone, trackside, or through your favorite online bookmaker. Betting on the horse to win a race involves picking the horse to finish in first, second, or third place.


eSports sports betting is a new form of betting that uses the same strategies as traditional sports betting, except that it uses electronic sports instead. Bettors place their bets on teams and players they believe will win. They are paid if their prediction comes true.

Some eSports betting sites offer special bonuses and promotions for specific events and tournaments. These bonuses and promotions can be used to increase the size of your bet. eSports sports betting sites are expected to increase in popularity over the next few years.

Offshore sportsbooks

Unlike US-based sportsbooks, offshore sportsbooks offer wagers on a wide range of sports. This includes international soccer leagues, MMA, UFC, golf tournaments, tennis, and even college sports. In addition, these betting sites offer wagers on esports.

Offshore sportsbooks offer better bonuses than US-based sportsbooks. They also offer larger limits for big punters. These bonuses may include free bets, refund wagers, and other promotions. Some offshore sportsbooks also have mobile apps that make wagering easier. Choosing a secure offshore sportsbook is important.

The IGA (Interactive Gaming Act) is the law that governs online gambling in Australia. It has been in place since 2001. This act has allowed offshore operators to accept wagers from Australian gamblers.


Founded in 2022, MidasBet Sports Betting Australia is one of the latest players in the Australian betting scene. It is a 100% Australian owned business that focuses on thoroughbred and greyhound racing. The website features a mobile friendly design and offers a plethora of sports markets, including AFL, basketball, NFL and horse racing.

MidasBet Sports Betting Australia has a lot going for it, but it still needs to improve its odds. The company’s odds are not as good as those of its more established competitors.

MidasBet also does not offer a mobile app, so customers can only place bets on the website. This is a drawback as most of the competition offers a wide variety of mobile betting options.

Pendlebury Bet

Founded by Sydney bookmaker Jeff Pendlebury, Pendlebury Bet is a family owned business that specialises in horse and greyhound racing betting. However, unlike most corporate betting sites, Pendlebury Bet does not offer sports betting or apps. Instead, it focuses on providing great fixed odds prices on Australian races. Read on to discover more about this betting site.

Jeffrey Joseph Pendlebury has been fielding on-course since 1968. He is Sydney’s longest-serving rails bookmaker. He also has a strong record in racing. Among his notable achievements, Pendlebury was a member of the 2010 All-Australian team and won the Norm Smith medal in 2007. He finished fourth in the 2010 Brownlow Medal. Pendlebury also had a career high 39 disposals against Melbourne Football Club on Queen’s Birthday. He averaged 26 disposals per game.

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